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The Online Newsroom

For your press and media work, you write and publish press releases, topic papers and user reports. Your online newsroom improves your online PR to create, consolidate or expand contacts with prospective customers, clients and a defined target group.



The contribution consists of a heading, the teaser, a small summary of the article, a picture and the article. TAGs, that is, catchwords which are included in the article, can also be entered. A release date can be chosen freely and even in the past.

The variety of press release, article, product message, blog post, ad-hoc message can be selected.

Call attention. Press releases are the most commonly used instrument of public relations work and the crucial link between information providers and people in need of information.
or lecture.
An article about your products.
Write a blog post or link to your company's blogs.
A publicity obligation exists for listed companies. The messages resulting from these obligations are referred to as ad hoc announcements, stock exchange announcements or often also as mandatory announcements. The obligation to ad hoc publicity calls on companies to publish insider information as soon as possible so that they can take note of the capital market participants.
You have read an interesting article and would like to share it. Enter the heading, the teaser, and instead of the article. Your comment on the article. Important is to specify the website of the article in the form. Through this curating or compilation of articles you can sharpen your brand image. (Content Curation)
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Some samples:

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